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Girl and Not Girl is a voluntary organisation based in Manchester, UK that runs semi-regular events for people who want to meet others who work or have an interest in tech, science, maths and general geekery. Find out more about our upcoming events below!

Next Event

Poster for Rochdale Science Extravaganza

Rochdale Science Extravaganza

Sunday 5th May 2024, 11am-4pm, Rochdale Town Hall

We'll be running one of the activities at Rochdale Science Extravaganza - an unforgettable day of discovery, inspiration, and fun, brought to you by the Rochdale Science Initiative and Rochdale Town Hall. The day will offer a spectacular showcase of the wonders of the universe and the crucial role of science and creativity in our everyday lives, and we'll be there making binary bracelets to encode your name or a secret message in the form of beads.

We'll be joined by other local community organisations and invited speakers, food and prayer facilities are available onsite, and entrance to the event is free (donations welcome). Hope to see you there!

Future Events

Watch this space for future event info!

About G∧!G

GirlandnotGirl (formerly Manchester Girl Geeks) is a group of people based in Manchester who work or are interested in science and tech, and who organise events to meet up, participate in workshops and watch talks, enjoy science and technology and network. We have a focus on empowering women and non-binary people in tech, and while our events are open to everyone, they're organised by a group of non-binary and female volunteers.

Previously, Manchester Girl Geeks was under the umbrella of Girl Geek Dinners, organising networking events for women in tech and creating a space to meet others and share ideas. Our chapter specifically started a tradition of running other kinds of events - hands-on workshops, events for families, and our famous 'Girl Geek Tea Party' events, including everything from building PCs to making QR codes and pixel art from beads, as well as our 'Show & Tell' and 'Crafternoon' staples.

We'd love to continue this ethos under our new brand, which has been chosen to be inclusive of everyone who wants to join in - whether you're a girl or not a girl (whatever that might mean to you), you're welcome at our events. The feeling of needing to somehow simultaneously be a girl and not a girl might be familiar to female participants in the tech sector, and we'd love to provide a space where people can navigate this and other aspects of identity, tech, science and belonging.

Photo from a past MGG event
Photo from a past MGG event
Photo from a past MGG event
Photo from a past MGG event

Get Involved!

We’re always looking for volunteers to run workshops, give exciting talks, give us a hand at events, update our website, or just help us promoting G∧!G activities – please do get in touch! We’re friendly and more than happy to welcome new members and ideas.

Our mailing list, which goes out around once a month, includes details of our upcoming events and other things around Manchester you might be interested in.

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Code of Conduct

We have a code of conduct that applies to all of our events. The full version can be found by clicking here.

The short version is: We want to be inclusive; do not engage in behaviour that is homophobic, racist, transphobic, ableist, sexist - against persons of any gender - or otherwise exclusionary, or make exclusionary jokes - not even "ironically".

Attendees violating these rules may be asked to leave the event and will not be welcome back to our events in future. If you are subject to, or observe any harassment, or have any other concerns - please speak to a member of the GirlandNotGirl team, who will be wearing branded teeshirts and/or will be introduced at the start of the event, or email us afterwards at Reports will be dealt with discreetly and in confidence. We want everyone to have a great time, and treat each other with respect.